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Hi I’m
Gary Cunitz

God has blessed me with the most amazing wife, family, children, and experiences I could have ever imagined. Coming from a middle class family in Southern California I never dreamed what God’s plan was for my future. I assumed that the rest of my life was going to be playing volleyball on the beach and surfing till I was 80 years old.

All the events in my past life lead me to where I am now. God placed me in a Christian University (Pepperdine) where I found Jesus. After that one blessing led to another blessing and all of a sudden I found myself in a real estate class where I met my future wife. And so my earthly life began.

I wrote this book so I could share with others that marriage can be joyous and rewarding. Biblical scripture tells us and guides us through times of trouble in a marriage and as single individual. I pray the biblical references in this book and also my relationship to these scriptures will shed light and meaning to achieve a joyous and loving marriage for you.