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About This Book

This book is a personal, heartfelt guide for single, engaged, newly married Christians and those who have been married for a long time. I’ve compiled my personal memoirs, notes, and experiences to help Christians in their quest to make relationships and marriages succeed with joy and love through Jesus Christ’s teachings.

These timeless Biblical principles explore the foundation that makes a marriage strong in knowing and identifying marriage partners, strengthening a marriage, communication, trust, companionship, connection, commitment, compromise, family balance, and love.


I’ve also included in my book ’40 Years of Loving and Joyful Marriage. How To Get There?’ daily scripture also relates to and addresses life’s issues with your Christian partner, yourself, and your family. I’ll describe this book as a Christian self-help book that provides healing and scriptural messages for singles and marriages.

For Christians to survive, especially Christian families, we need to return to God’s blessings and teachings. When God is at the center of a marriage (and an individual), we experience peace and love that forms the foundation on which marriages are built.